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    Accurate Quotes

    Local Surveyors

    Save Time & Money

    Track Progress 24/7

    The Property Professionals Survey Support

    Account Setup

    Simply register for an account and we will provide you with a unique quote form. You can embed this onto your website to show potential customers you offer a superior sales progression service or provide customers a unique link

    Share with customers

    Send your customers the form link or your website link to fill in the form themselves for fill out the form on their behalf so they only need to login to retrieve accurate quotes, review and instruct

    Instruct and Track

    All that is left is for your customers to instruct a surveyor and track progress to their final report. You can also follow the progress of each search made through your account


    Red Book Valuation

    There are several reasons for getting a valuation survey report. These range from purchase valuations, inheritance tax and probate, matrimonial, court proceedings and so on. The information required in each case varies and so our surveyors often provide bespoke quotes for this report type.

    Find out more

    Level 2 Homebuyer Report

    RICS offer the Homebuyer Report and the RPSA offer an equivalent report called the Home Condition Report. This level of report is suited to newer properties in a reasonable condition. Both reports provide a traffic light rating for each area of the property and are non-invasive inspections.

    Find out more

    Level 3 Building Survey

    RICS and the RPSA each offer a Building Survey which is the most detailed level of non-invasive survey you can get. It is suited to all properties but is recommended for older or more unusual properties, or properties where problems are suspected.

    Find out more

    Which survey does your customer need?

    Use our questionnaire to find out which report is most suited to the property you are looking to purchase. Our property questionnaire covers the age of the property, its size and condition (as far as you can tell) and whether or not it has had any major work carried out. It also considers whether or not it is built using traditional materials and technqiues such as brick or stone or something more unusual such as a steel frame. Find out if you need a condition report, homebuyer report or building survey in 60 seconds!

    Surveyors Near Me Partnership Benefits

    Save time - fill in one short form to receive accurate quotes from several local surveyors. No need to spend time contacting each one to find out quotes

    GDPR Compliant - personal data only ever goes to the surveyor you instruct or a surveyor that requires more info to quote

    Payment Protection - payment is only sent to your surveyor when the report has been submitted, unlike going direct. No survey, no fee.

    Independent - the surveyor is not linked to the sale of the property in any way ensuring all advice is 100% impartial

    Less stress - track progress of all customer surveys so you can keep vendors updated and the sale on track

    We can help with follow-up surveys

    If you're customer has had a Homebuyer Report or Building Survey carried out, there may be some further checks recommended by your surveyor. They may even be a customer who has already completed and has since had some specific concerns. Below are some of the additional surveys we can help with. To get quotes for these surveys or any other additional survey reports click here











    Are you a surveyor and want to join us?

    If you are a surveyor and would like to join our panel please follow the registration link. You will receive an activation email to confirm your email and once this has been clicked we'll be in touch to start the vetting process and arrange your account setup. You can also follow this link to register your interest and a member of the team will get in touch to answer any questions you may have

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